Marine Connection


Currency Converter

Convert from one currency to another currency using the current conversion rate. Must be able to convert from U.S. Dollars to a foreign currency and from a foreign currency to U.S. Dollars. Cannot use a back-end language, must be written in JavaScript.

PDF Detail Sheets

An extension to the Inventory Feed List project extending the inventory list that is cached locally from a remote e-commerce system to create a PDF Detail Sheet.

In conjunction with the information that is downloaded from the remote e-commerce XML feed, the user can modify and provide additional information to be shown on the PDF.

Inventory Feed List

A background process that automatically retrieves and caches an inventory of products located on a remote e-commerce system via an XML feed. The process stores an image of each product, along with key product information.

A second script will be used to display the 20 most recent items on a web page.